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Passionately into dogs since childhood, a few subjects with behavioral problems prompted me to specialize in the field in the '90. I have since been furthering my studies every year.

  • Specialised diploma in dog breeding;
  • Specialised diploma in dog training;
  • Certification in canine behavior (ATSAQ, Danielle Leduc);
  • Certification in canine psychologie 1 (Jacinthe Bouchard);
  • Certification in canine psychologie 2 (Jacinthe Bouchard);
  • Specialised clicker training seminar (Jacinthe Bouchard);
  • Tellington Touch workshops(Lucie Leclerc);
  • Canine behavior, aggressivity and body language lectures
    (Dr Joël Dehasse);
  • Various lectures and workshops(Chienposium, Jean Lessard);
  • Hip dysplasia lecture (Dr Guy Beauregard);
  • Assisted reproduction lecture (Dr Angelika Stock);
  • Dog obedience training observation (Gilles Perryman);
  • Agility seminar (Lucie Dessureaux, Roger Pierre);
  • Agility training(Gilbert Bédard);
  • Handling class (Société Canine de Québec);
  • Raw feeding (BARF) seminar (Chantal Robinson);
  • Conference on reproduction and nutrition (Dr P. Pierson and H. Bourgeois, Royal Canin).

  • Owner of the canine consultation service «Sous mon toit»;
  • Foster family and in charge of the foster families (Fondation MIRA);
  • Organisation of the operative behavior conference (Jean Lessard);
  • Organisation and demonstration the TTouch workshop(Lucie Leclerc);
  • Responsible for the recognition of the Barbet by the Canadian Kennel Club;
  • Study trip and Barbet international competition(France);
  • Study trip and acquisition of a breeding barbette (France);
  • Study trip and impregnation of a female Barbet(France);
  • Study trip and impregnation of Bleuzorange Ruz dite Melouse (Suisse);
  • Competition travel and Barbet international gathering(France);
  • Practice and competing in conformation, agility and hunting competitions;
  • Helping in the logistical organisation of the «Chienposium»;
  • Participation to the TV show «Pas si Bête que Ça»;
  • Participation to various Canadian and Europeen canine events.

  • Canadian Kennel Club;
  • Club du Barbet, Lagotto et autres Chiens d'eau(France).