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Poppenspäler's Bénédictine 2003


The barbet is a ancient breed, emerging in the Middle ages. It is thought that is could be found in the north of Africa and in Spain and as been introduced in France in the 8th century. It is one of the ancestors of numerous modern breeds like certain type of spaniels, cattle dogs, griffons and the poodle, of course. Versatile, the barbet has been used to guard livestock and as a retriever for water fowl or anything else that might fall in the water as well as a hunter.

Having lived with mankind for so long the barbet makes an excellent companion dog. Its style as well as its easy and lively demeanor conquers those who are looking for a friendly teddybear.

Grooming is very important, regular brushing is absolutely necessary to prevent matting, especial after a swim. Its wooly fur is appreciated by allergy sufferers. Its coat can also be woven to produce clothing. The barbet needs prolonged daily contact with humans. Leaving it alone for an entire work day should be avoided.

Quick and bright, the barbet can manipulate and push the boundaries of what is allowed if not properly trained. It is my ‘3D dog’, gentle (doux), obedient (docile) but lively (dynamique), with all the failings of it’s qualities.


The first barbet came to Canada in 1997. Up until 2005, a few females of the breed, imported form various European countries, produced less than 10 litters. There is approximately 60 barbets in Canada at the moment.

I started the procedure needed for the Canadian Kennel Club to recognized the breed in 2000, which it officially did in 2006. All the documents concerning this procedure are available on demand.

The creation of a regional barbet club is in the works. In the mean time, I use the name ‘Promo Barbet’ to promote this beautiful breed.

Photo, graphisme: M.A. et May Rousseau..................


Standard FCI N°105 / 29.03.2006